Spring Break

This past week was my Spring Break. While most of my friends went to Italy or Spain, I stayed in Jolly Ol’ England. And it wasn’t as boring as you might expect it to be.

To kick off the week, one of my best friends came up from Granada, Spain, to visit for the weekend. I’ve always considered London to be a safe and fairly normal city, but the oddest things happened while she was here: A man walked up to us stating that he wasn’t on drugs and needed money, but then refused the leftover food we had; several people tried to trick us into giving us their products in exchange for money; two men at the club pretended to be gay in order to talk to us way past their welcome,…the list goes on. I know these things aren’t actually that unusual, but after being here two months, it was kind of a shock to suddenly experience this.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. I found a bookshop, thanks to BuzzFeed, called Any Amount of Books on Charing Cross Road. There was a section where the books were only one pound! We also ate at a restaurant where Charlie Chaplin used to rehearse in when it was a theater; one of my favorite parts about this city is how you can purely by chance eat in a restaurant where something historical happened.

My highlight of the week, however, was Camden Market. From Thursday until Sunday there is street food from all over the world: Roti food, Polish food, Indian food, French food, Ethiopian food, and so much more. You can walk around and have samples at almost every vendor’s booth and then decide what you want to buy, and it’s all pretty cheap too. I had Pierogis, which are these noodles stuffed with mushrooms and other delicious things, from the Polish booth for only five pounds. I normally tend to only eat what I know, and don’t try anything new, but the Camden Market is an awesome opportunity to branch out a little at no cost, and then get a whole meal for cheap. #gettingmycultureon

I hope to still travel to a couple of other places while I’m here but overall, being able to spend the week in London and relax from school, was a good choice. I caught up on all my tv series, ate a lot of food, found some books, and saw some more of London. I guess you know you’re home when you don’t do anything outside of what you would normally do back at your other home.


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